Live Show Videos of 'senior' events I've played
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Joy can do an upbeat show, play as background music, or as a strolling minstrel, setting an ambience for any occasion;
birthdays, happy hours, any holiday theme, open houses, social club,  
Big Band, Swing, Jazz, Blues, 20s, 30s, 40s, Western, Pop (from 1800s- 1980s),blues, reggae, calypso, hawaiian, you name it. 
Most videos here, feature Joy as a one-person band (amplified, and with digital drums, guitar,bass lines, and vocal mic
Some, unplugged & singing with guitar.
Joy was a celebrated Blues/Jazz singer/ bassist , band leader, in NYC 1984-2003 (also member of many ensembles) 
Society and Wedding events. legendary blues and rock clubs, tv, movies, hotels, cabarets, from 1984 to 2003!!

In addition, she's been bringing a life-time of variety and expertise to 'entertaining senior audiences, for 20 years.
Relocating from NYC to the San Fransicso Bay Area in 2003

'Swingin' with the Oldies' (Prairie Sue outdoes herself)

At Last

Live Testimonials- Residents talk about enjoying my show!

Flat Foot Floogie with the Floy Floy

A Kiss to Build a Dream On (Louis Armstrong 'Satchmo' tune)

Solamente Una Vez (for Hispanic audience in San Francisco)

Moondance, at Happy Hour in Rohnert :Park

The Christmas Song, at a Christmas Happy Hour

Old Time Romantic Songs (Keep watching; I reach up & turn cam around & you can see them dancing)

Joy Sings Classic Blues with Friends Band (Joy's on bass)

Doggie in the Window (featuring Prairie Sue, the singing dog)

Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’, as a seniors ‘western’ party

Bessie's Testimonial

Love Potion Number 9/ Halloween Show
Pedro or Joy? A Cinco De Mayo Party!
Do the Chicken Dance!

The Hokey Pokey! (very entertaining!b hahaha!)

Doggie in the Window Featuring Prairie Sue

Joy Sings 'Crazy' (a Patsy Cline Tribute)

Picnic in the Park with the Elderly Russians

Scat Singing with Bruce

''Sway' a Dean Martin classic at Villa Marin, New Years Eve Gala


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