One-Person-Band Clips

This is Joy on acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, and drum computer

(These are pretty old and homemade. Better ones in the works)

Sound on some of the CURRENT VIDEO is better, I think.)

Jamaica Farewell/MaryAnne

I'm Beginning to See the LIght

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

South of the Border

Stardust Medley

I Can't Help Falling in Love With You


Oiffen Pripichik (yiddish)

Sheyne Vida Lavone (yiddish)

Cirribim Medley (yiddish
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Clips from Joy's former Blues Band Days

Joy played electric bass & sang blues and more
 for 30+years. She produced this CD in 1999.
Band not available although the CD is. These are j
ust clips, but I'll repost better soon.

Brickyard Blues (Joy is on bass, vocals and production on these)

'Til the Real Thing Comes Along

Big Dreams

Big Fat Daddy

Maire Leveaux (Joy played this bass for Kid Java, NYC)

Lean or Rich (with Kid Java again. Google him.)
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