Adult Day Health Services
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Our mission here is to engage the clients, enlivening memory, mood, and quality of life.

"Therapeutic music can make a difference between isolation and interaction, withdrawal vs. awareness, and between chronic pain
and comfort -- between demoralization and dignity." (B. Crowe, past president NAMT).

Joy has worked with clients in numerous Adult Day Health Service programs from New York City from 1993 to 2002,
and in Northern California (Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco, South Bay ) since 2003 through current 2013

She has served a wide variety of seniors, adults of all ages, developmentally disabled, and culturally diverse groups.
She has extensive experience working with alzheimers', dementia, and memory-impaired clients
Joy sings in eight languages and is thus able to better 'connect' with clients of many cultures.

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Adult Day Programs

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Music therapy has been shown to be an invaluable tool with many rehabilitation patients. There is no question that the relationship
of music and medicine will blossom because of the advent of previously unavailable techniques that can now show the effects of music."
(Mathew Lee, Rusk Institute, New York)

"I regard music therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders -- Parkinson's and Alzheimer's -- because of its unique
capacity to organize or reorganize cerebral function when it has been damaged."(Oliver Sacks, M.D.)